Trumpeter 02218 MiG-21MF Fishbed-J

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《MiG-21 MF》For a long time the MiG 21 was the standard fighter plane of the Warsaw Pact countries and proved to be a successful interceptor and fighter-bomber. Succeeding the MiG-15,17and 19, it was put into service with the Soviet air force in 1960/61. The high performance fighter achieved several records, including a speed record of 2388 km/h 1959and an altitude record of 34714m in 1961. Its baptism of fire came in the Vietnam war and in the Middle East. Over the years it was steadily improved and upgraded to match operating conditions and requirements. The MF versions were fitted with a more powerful engine, improved electronics and a sophisticated radar system. The tumanski R-13-300 iet engine with a thrust of 6.600kgf gave it a maximum speed of 2.1 mach at an altitude of 11000m . World Hobby Miniatures has been the trusted distributors in Malaysia for many years now, we carry AFV, Aircraft, Automobile, Ships, Modelling Accessories, Tools, Paints, Photo-etch, Modelling Book, Magazine sand more. Over 55+ Brands are available in both of our e-store and physical store. We are also distinguished modelers who have been making models for various scenes both wartimes and present times. Given our experience in modelling we are proud of of our store products and guarantee satisfaction from all of our beloved customers. We are always expanding to bring more for our customers. Please drop us an email for any enquires or to provide feedback.

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