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Takom 2116 1 : 35 M3 Grant CDL

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M3 Grant CDL was developed by the British as their secret weapon during the Second World War. CDL stands for (Canal Defence Light), the name indeed represent the speciality of the vehicle which is the powerful search light to support night battle. The main feature is it carries a carbon arc lamp capable of emitting 12.8 million candela while reflecting the light with an internal mirror it can temporary blind the enemy and it has a turret at the centre too. Morce code could also be send out but opening and closing the amored shutters.

The kit contains major hatches are open and close selection type, crawler tracks are linked and length type, clear parts and etching parts are attached and there are 5 types of marking.World Hobby Miniatures has been the trusted distributors in Malaysia for many years now, we carry AFV, Aircraft, Automobile, Ships, Modelling Accessories, Tools, Paints, Photo-etch, Modelling Book, Magazine sand more. Over 55+ Brands are available in both of our e-store and physical store. We are also distinguished modelers who have been making models for various scenes both wartimes and present times. Given our experience in modelling we are proud of of our store products and guarantee satisfaction from all of our beloved customers. We are always expanding to bring more for our customers. Please drop us an email for any enquires or to provide feedback.

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