Bronco Models US M19A1 Twin 40 MM Gun Motor Carriage Korean War

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The M24 Chaffee was developed as a family of vehicles with a Lt Tank, AA GMC, SP Howitzer, Recovery/repair etc. The M19 was the AA variant of the “Chaffee” Family and mounted a substantial armament of twin Bofors 40mm guns on a redesigned hull with the engine moved amidships and the open fighting compartment at the rear. It entered service just to late to see action in Apr 45 and production was cut at wars end at 285 vehicles. It first saw action in Korea in the AA and Infantry support role where its devesting firepower of twin quick firing 40mm guns were a huge asset and put to devastating effect.

The M24 family / combat team was replaced by a new family based on the M41 light tank and the M19 by the new M42 with its front mounted fighting compartment almost identical to the M19s. A few were given as military aid to Japan and the Netherlands with the remainder going to National Guard where in turn it was replaced by the M42 “Duster” of which approx. 3,700 were produced
To date, no company has produced a kit of this rarer vehicle that only really saw action in the Korean War despite a number of companies having kitted the M24 light tank and the later M42 Duster. Bronco was one such company to kit the M24 Chaffee offering a number of different boxings as an excellent well detailed kit. Bronco has also previously released almost all variants of the towed ground mount Bofors. Out of the blue in late 2018, Bronco announced a new kit of the M19A1 40mm GMC, which was released shortly after.World Hobby Miniatures has been the trusted distributors in Malaysia for many years now, we carry AFV, Aircraft, Automobile, Ships, Modelling Accessories, Tools, Paints, Photo-etch, Modelling Book, Magazine sand more. Over 55+ Brands are available in both of our e-store and physical store. We are also distinguished modelers who have been making models for various scenes both wartimes and present times. Given our experience in modelling we are proud of of our store products and guarantee satisfaction from all of our beloved customers. We are always expanding to bring more for our customers. Please drop us an email for any enquires or to provide feedback.

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